Easy DIY project Pretty Girlish Rosette lampshade

Cool Girlish Rosette Lampshade makeover

A bedroom without a lampshade looks incomplete; therefore we have a cool DIY idea of pretty lampshade for your bedroom. It’s a cool and easy DIY project; just you have to gather some required material to complete the project. Supplies include cotton fabric, hot glue, glue stick, sewing machine and coordinating thread. Cut the cotton fabric in two strips of different length (wide 2-inch each) and sew down the center of each strip using long stitch on sewing machine. Pull one of the threads on each side of strip to create gather. Start making rosette rolling one of the strips inside. Continue rolling up the straight end until it’ll make a loose circle with your gathered strap and it resembles a rosette in the middle. For more about pretty lampshade please read the tutorial below.

Easy DIY pretty Girlish lampshade

Cool Girlish bedroom lampshade

Easy Pretty girlish lampshade makeover

wonderful girlish rosette lampshade

Cool pretty Girlish Rosette lampshade

DIY ideas pretty girlish lampshade

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