Easy homemade oil candles

Cool Homemade Olive Oil Candles

It’s better to know how tocreate your own light source. You may need it any time. In this tutorial we’ll discuss a DIY project of Olive oil candle.  The project is easy and cool and of utmost importance. You can make olive oil candle in a family project session and will really enjoy this DIY project. Most of the supplies are available at your home.

Required Material:

Olive Oil

Wide mouth jar

Wire or paper clip

2 wick or ¼ lantern wick

Depending on how long it should burn, you can pick the wick. Now cut the wick of couple inch length. Wrap it with wire or paper clip around one end of it. Wrap it slightly tight so that you can move the wick up when you want. Bend the wire so it hooks onto the side of jar. Close up the wick in the middle of the jar. Put the olive oil in the jar. To save your money, you can buy expired olive oil from surplus store.  These olive oil candles can burn for a long time and cheaper than regular waxed candles. These candles don’t leave smoke and burn smoothly. You can use herbs to have natural scent. Read the below tutorial for more about DIY project of Olive oil candles.

Easy DIY olive oil candles

DIY Olive Oil Organics Candleshomemade olive oil candle DIY project

DIY homemade Olive oil candle

Olive Oil Candle Burners

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