how to make a necklace holder

Cool Necklace Holder Ideas

You have a lot of necklace and jewelry items at your home and want to organize them. We have many cool DIY ideas for homemade necklace holder. It’s simple and rustic idea for necklace holder.  Gather wooden piece of different length, many screw, super glue, hammer and knobs. Make the hole in the wooden piece and attach the knobs in the drilled holes. Your necklace holder is ready, hang it and organize your necklace and precious jewelry items in a better way. You can find your necklace and jewelry items easily on the necklace holder as these are in very organized manner on it.

How to make a necklace holder at home

Cool homemade  necklace holder

Easy DIY jewlery stand

Simple DIY necklace stand

Awesome necklace stand ideas

DIY necklace holder ideashow to make a necklace holder


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