DIY Creative Ways To Show love

Four Creative Ways to Show Your Love

If you find it hard to tell your loved ones how much you care, why not show them instead. If you enjoy DIY and crafts, there are countless ways you can get creative.

Little acts of love can be a great way to prove to your partner how special they are. If you’re not sure where to start, try one of these ideas.

Enhance Your Home

Home improvements are a great way to show you care, especially if it means tackling a job your partner has been dropping hints about for months!

Use your knowledge of their interests to add a personal touch – if they love reading, creating a bookcase in an alcove for their precious books will be appreciated, or upgrade the bathroom to create a perfect place to escape after a long day at work.

For bonus points, don’t tell them about your project and surprise them with a bubble bath and their favorite tipple when it’s done.

Improve Your Garden

If your partner enjoys gardening, try your hand at making a raised planter. These are easy to make from decking planks and reduce the strain on the body by limiting the amount of bending the gardener in your life needs to do to create the outdoor space of their dreams.

For those who prefer relaxing in the garden, updating the patio or decking area is a great way to show your appreciation and you will both get to reap the benefits of your hard work when you relax together on a summer’s evening.

Do It for The Kids

If you have children, keeping them entertained can be a full-time job. Younger children love climbing equipment and playhouses while a teen will appreciate their own space in the form of a converted shed or summerhouse.

If outdoor space is limited, consider indoor alternatives. Can your cellar or loft space be utilised to make a den or playroom? Be creative! Your partner will benefit from your efforts because the children will be happy, which is good news for everyone in the house.

The Old-School Way

If you are already overrun with DIY projects, you can always take the traditional route. Jewellery is a special gift that will last forever so is sure to be appreciated.

Choose high-quality, personal items from a specialist such as Chapter 79 and be confident you are benefiting from their expertise. There really is no better way to show your love!

However, you decide to treat the special someone in your life, remember that sometimes those three little words are all they need to hear – no, not ‘do it yourself!’

If saying ‘I love you’ brings you out in a nervous rash and leaves you tongue-tied try saying it when you are on a car journey together, in bed, or busy preparing dinner – saying the words when you are both doing other things can make it feel less intense but is no less meaningful. Your partner will appreciate it more than you know.

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