painting improve mood

Decorate Your Room With Paintings To Bring Summer Mood During Winter Time

For centuries, people use paintings and other artworks to decorate their rooms and the entire home. There are various reasons to decorate the home with the artwork. Some people use paintings or artworks just to make they’re interior more beautiful while a few want to show off their love with the arts.

A few people also use to decorate their homes with artwork or painting as it can improve their mood. Paintings and colors can affect any person’s mood in different ways. So interior decoration becomes more important as it can affect you and your home in a variety of ways.

How Artworks Affects Mood?

Many people don’t realize that good artworks and paintings can affect the mood in different ways. They might be surprised when they know that paintings can bring summer mood during wintertime and vice versa.

Different studies and surveys have proved the fact that you might feel happy or you can feel sad depending on the atmosphere and the color combination of the room. Samway, paintings in the room can also affect the mood according to the studies. Some colors might help in releasing stress while others might increase anxiety.

painting improve mood

The level of the stress hormone which is called cortisol can be reduced when you admire a painting and as a result, you feel relaxed and happy. Good paintings also help us to distract from our worries as we can focus on the beauty of the painting.

If you can create paintings yourself, it can help you in delaying aging. If you can’t then you can buy a painting online to improve your mood and to decorate your home.

Paintings in Different Rooms

painting affects mood

As we said earlier that colors and artworks greatly affect your mood and feelings, so you should be very careful about what artwork to use in a certain room. Every room has its own requirement so it requires a different type of color and art combination.

You can’t simply hang a painting randomly in any room on any color of the wall and call it a day. And interior decorator can help you or you can ask yourself what type of feelings you want in your bedroom, in the sitting room, in the study, and in the guest room.

Based on this, you can select what color and paint combination is right for you. A kid’s room have its own requirement that you should consider as well.

Rule To Choose the Right Piece of Painting


Well, honestly speaking, there is no rule book to select the right piece of painting. Every choice is the right choice if you know what is your requirement. There is only one rule to follow while selecting the painting for you. That rule is what makes you happy and what type of feeling you want.

So, if you wanted to bring the summer mood in winter then select the paintings which are listed below.

Fruits on Red by Paul Klee


This beautiful painting by Paul Klee can make your room feel cozier in the winter season. When you sit in front of the canvas, you feel like your mood in summers because of the warm colors of this painting.

This painting uses waterproof colors, so the colors of the painting will remain fresh for a long time. This bright colored painting is also sun resistant.

The Pink Peach Tree By Vincent van Gogh

The Pink Peach Tree By Vincent van Gogh

Again, this beautiful painting with greenery, tree, and crops will bring summer mode when you hang it in your study room. This beautiful painting is ready to hang and stretched. So, when you order it, your payment is safe via Paypal and when you receive it, you can simply hang it on the preferred location.

Flaming June Frederic by Leighton


This beautiful painting by Leighton is a great artwork and its warm colors and beauty will never feel you cold even in the winter season. You can easily bring your summer mode when you have this painting in a common room or in the bedroom.

This beautiful Flaming June Frederic artwork by Leighton is ready to hang and can be ordered as a rolled piece as well. You can select the size of your own choice as well if you want to buy this painting online.

You can check a few more paintings as well that can affect your mood in very positive way and you can use these beautiful paintings by professional artists to decorate your home as well.

Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky

Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky

Painting of Peonies By Claude Monet

Painting of Peonies By Claude Monet

Sherree Valentine Daines

Sherree Valentine Daines

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