Simple Decoration Ideas to Refresh a Dated Bathroom Look

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you probably do is use your bathroom. While a fresh and beautiful décor tends to produce a calming effect on groggy eyes, the stale ambiance can do the opposite.

You can regret stepping inside. But the problem is you may not have a better option. Since it can be dreadful to imagine such a situation, you must revamp your private corner of the house from time to time.

Even slight changes can have a tremendous impact. For example, you can paint the walls with a new color and install suitable lighting. It can instantly transform the whole vibe. Plus, you will not bother about spending time and money as these quick fixes aren’t so demanding.

You can think of more such minor changes to add up to the overall presence of your bathroom. Here are a few exciting ideas to help you in this matter.

Wall Art

The humble bathroom accessory does an excellent job when it comes to elevating a bathroom’s appeal. You can cover the blank or plain walls with water-resistant canvas prints to give this space a touch of your taste and personality.

If you enjoy creating a bold visual statement, opt for oversized wallpapers. For customized options, you can check with your local printer or an online store. Nowadays, customized wall arts are pretty trendy.

The laminated surface protects them from water damage. However, your focus has to be on the print. What do you want to see on the walls? It can be a shoal of fish, baskets, abstract design, or anything else.  As long as it complements the inherent spirit of your bathroom, you can consider your choice safe and uplifting.

Peel and Stick Removable Tile

Do you wonder if there was a cost-effective solution to swipe the tired and worn-out tile look? Fortunately, you do. You can turn to removable adhesive tiles. You can trim and paste them on the wall to freshen it up quickly.

Since you again have multiple choices, you don’t need to worry about finding the right kind of design for your need. Many people rely on this accessory to give their bathroom a desirable makeover.

If you live in a rented house or apartment, it can sound even practical as you don’t get the liberty to try anything new in someone else’s place. At the same time, it may not be wise to spend a fortune on an area that doesn’t belong to you.

Hardware Upgrades

Sometimes, little corners also do the magic when they get a touch of freshness. If you didn’t get it, look around your bathroom to focus on towel handles, drawer pulls, toilet paper, holder, etc. When you change these modest functional pieces, you essentially give your countertop a facelift. It can start looking fresh again.

These replacements are not that difficult to achieve, especially if you have to drill a few holes in the cabinet or walls and use screws to install those accessories. Basic DIY skills can come in handy.  However, while talking about hardware, it is impossible to miss out on the frequently used plumbing fixture, such as a sink faucet.

Some taps succumb to corrosion, water spots, and overuse. Plus, no matter how beautiful your sink and countertop look, a dirty tap will not allow them to shine. Hence, it is better to replace it. You can browse online stores for a stylish selection of faucets. From colors to textures to functionality, these come packed with many features contributing to their aesthetics and performance.

Multi-functional Storage

Since a cluttered space looks dull and repulsive, you have to be careful with how you keep your bathroom. It can never feel fresh if you overstuff or leave it unorganized. Then, wet ambiance can be another issue. You can fix this by reimagining the storage. It is particularly essential for a small bathroom.

To start with, you can build or buy a cabinet with pull-out drawers to store items neatly. If you don’t have enough clearance on the floor, you can choose floating wall shelves or floating storage cabinets.

These wall-mounted furniture designs are space-saving solutions. At the same time, you can rely on them to help your bathroom with a sorted and clean appearance.

Repurposed Accents

You can trust these to add a finishing touch to the job well-intended. The various possibilities that can decorate and enhance the beauty of your private corner include wastebaskets, indoor plants, soap dishes, room diffusers, candles, etc.

Most of the time, you don’t need to look for them outside your house. Some of them must be lying around in a tiny crook of your living room, bedroom, or other zones. You can pick and refurbish them a bit to make them perfect for your bathroom décor. Or, you can check local thrift stores for some significant savings on briefly used items.

You can doubt if visiting a flea market or thrift store can be a good idea. What if somebody mocks the decision? It can be surprising, but even expensive homes pick some stuff from these places for their uniqueness and discounted rates.

Plus, this will be thoughtful in the context of the environment. Buying or selling used and recycled products can be eco-friendly. So, you essentially demonstrate your caring side for the ecosystem when you take an interest in them.

While these are a few examples, you can examine your bathroom to calculate what to do and how much. Don’t try to figure out everything at one go, though. It is more relevant if you are not in a hurry to renovate it completely. Start with a small area and continue to add layers. It can enable you to set the pace and tone of your interior decoration efforts too.

Nonetheless, you should enjoy the process. As things communicate and mingle with each other, you can feel relaxed and proud of your achievements. Still, only you can take a call whether you need professional help in this matter or not. Usually, minor upgrades are easy to manage. But for tricky corners or parts, you can decide otherwise.

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