How to Design Your Dream Bedroom

Not everyone considers themselves to be particularly interested in interior design. However, everyone is affected by their environment and surroundings, even if they fail to notice the impact it has on their mood, choices, and actions.

This is why it is so valuable to create a space that offers ultimate relaxation in the form of a dream bedroom. Here are some pointers to help you start designing.

Choose a Theme

When children are young they sometimes have a themed bedroom, perhaps themed around animals or a movie. While most adults don’t tend to decorate their bedrooms based on these themes as they grow older, this doesn’t mean a theme can’t be useful.

Your theme can be as subtle as ‘indulgent contemporary luxury’ or ‘plant-loving maximalist’. When you know what overall look you’re going for, it’s easier to plan the rest of your design and achieve your personal vision.

Decorate the Room

Some aspects of bedroom decoration are left as an afterthought, such as curtains, rugs or flooring. You can look for wooden floors Balham to find flooring inspiration to tie the rest of your room together.

For example, if you have a dark wooden bed frame and a pale wooden chest of drawers, a medium-tone wooden floor can add a sense of cohesion. Stripping back and starting from scratch with new walls and flooring can make a surprising difference to the end result of your dream bedroom.

Pick Your Main Furniture

Large pieces of furniture stand out in a room so it’s important that they reflect the theme or mood of the room accurately. For example, if you are going for a minimalist, pared-back look but choose an ornate four-poster bed with velvet and mahogany, then the two styles will clash and create a disjointed atmosphere.

Pick your largest pieces of furniture to closely match your theme. Smaller pieces don’t need to adhere so strictly as they can draw attention to the chosen theme by being slightly outside of it.

Add Details

When you have your room decorated and furnished, now is the time to add fun details. This involves applying your personal touch and imbuing the space with your own presence.

Perhaps a rail instead of a closet could show off your clothing collection, or maybe you want to enhance the tranquility of the room by introducing artificial plants.

Look to the Future

Perhaps you plan on staying in your current home for a long time, or perhaps you are excited to move on to the next place. Either way, when designing your dream bedroom, it can be useful to look to the future.

This might mean designing it in such a way that you can see yourself growing with it and changing it as your tastes evolve or keeping it appealing enough to attract potential buyers should you one day choose to move.

While it’s important to enjoy your bedroom in the present moment, it’s also worthwhile to look ahead.

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