DIY storage bed ideas

DIY Bed with Storage Drawers

One can do a lot with wooden pallets using awesome DIY pallet ideas. Although, most of people precept that pallets are useless but there are so many creative ideas for pallet projects. Here we have extracted a beauteous homemade pallet storage bed out of wooden pallets. The material required for this easy pallet project are quite simple and easy to gather. Surely, you will have it in your DIY tool box. However you have to gather good quality pallet pieces for DIY pallet bed. To get good quality pallet, visit nearest industrial store or hardware early in morning. There you may get good pallet at very cheap rate. This king size pallet bed has been made from pure pallet wooden. After sanding process the pallets pieces have been fixed by drilling the holes and fixing the long steel bolts. To organize the things at home, storage drawers have been installed under the bed as per pallet bed design. To get it more comfortable, foam cushions have been added on the pallet bed. No color has been applied to the home made pallet bed because pallet wood has an attractive look by default. Here is pictorial view of the entire awesome DIY pallet project and simple pallet bed designs.

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