DIY Bird Shelter ideas

Hello, my smart readers!! I hope you will feel great. Today I am sharing a project which will provide pleasure to you. If you really want to see birds in your garden, then it is the best way to attract birds by providing them a good and best shelter. Believe me! It won’t take much time, money and efforts. You can simply change your backyard into an amazing wildlife feature. Most people love the sound of birds or their existence around them. If you are one of them, then follow my ideas. So, let’s take a start.

This DIY wine cork birdhouse is attractive. You can see how amazing this birdhouse has been decorated with wooden pieces. I am quite sure it is the best way to attract birds flying in the air. You can also attract them by throwing some food in front of this shelter.

This double-duty shelter is a flower planter too. You can get a double benefit from this birdhouse as it will also increase your backyard’s beauty. The scent of flower and the greenery of the garden will attract the birds in a most decent way.

This DIY Birdhouse is simply made up of single pine wood and it only requires a few tools to accumulate. It is a too cheap and effective way to make a shelter for birds. Hope so you would prefer it for your backyard.

One is a gorgeous way to attract birds towards your balcony. This is a planter plus a bird’s shelter which can be easily installed in front of your balcony or porch. As we all know birds get pleasure from the greenery that’s why it is a worthy choice to attract them.

You don’t need to be terribly skillful in carpentry to make this Greek Temple Resembling Bird House. You know this one shelter is unique than previous ones and a large number of birds would attract toward it. Because of the design, did you notice? there is an empty space in this house. Which is basically filled with food and water. Being a living thing we all understand that food is a basic need of life whether it’s a human or the other living object.

I hope you would like these 5 DIY birds Shelter ideas. Kindly like and share and add a comment too. Thanks for being a part of my diary.

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