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DIY Birdcage Chandelier

There are so many DIY lovers who have been working on creative DIY ideas. They modify some old ideas and find out a new one to create a rustic household item. My today’s project DIY idea is also something about DIY creative plans. There are so many items that can be made at home or we can buy it just by one click. While purchasing online or by visiting a local market, we’ve to pay for that items. Then why not to build this at home. Folks shortly, in today’s post I’ll discuss that how to make a birdcage chandelier at home.

building a chandelier at home

The items required for DIY birdcage chandelier project are only few like copper birdcage, many fake birds, bulbs and wooden stand. Birdcage has been placed over the wooden stand. Fake birds are kept in the birdcage through dry wooden pieces. Install a bulb (E26 or E27) in available slot in the birdcage and enjoy homemade birdcage chandelier.

This was the one method to craft a birdcage chandelier at home. The other option is to hang it in your home rather than to fix it on a wooden stand. In case there is no need of wooden stand, just tie a rope on the upper corner of the birdcage and hang it in your living place.

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