DIY Botanical Yurt Project

Oregon couple Zach Both and Nicole Lopez have recently completed their own tiny yurt home. This stunning botanical yurt house is located 20 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. The exterior structure have been installed in seven days by the couple, however the internal structure has been completed in six months. The couple has established a website and they have released step-by-step DIY guide and all their drawings online. Zach briefs about his project “It’s been incredible to adapt a structure with a history that stretches back thousands of years. It was our attempt at building a modern yurt for the 21st century.”

“I forgot what the wind resistance is, but we’ve had some crazy windy storms and the yurt shakes ever so slightly on some big wind gusts,” continued Zach.

Having 730 square feet   of interior living space the yurt keeps 30 feet diameter. The foundation of yurt is completed in footing and limber sub frame, while for base platform, SIP panels have been chosen. A traditional yurt frame bought from a yurt store has been utilized in this work. The exterior feature a waterproof vinyl cover, furthermore the celling can bear heavy snow load.

The interior comprises a modern kitchen, hidden bathroom, home office, elevated bedroom, open lounge area (having wooden flooring), study corner and a circular garden. The yurt features double opening glass door, external timber decking and wood fire heater. The loft bedroom serves plenty of large bed with a circular skylight. They have made seprate disposal arrangements for used water and soil waste. The garden has variety of plants like pothos, philodendrons, a few prayer plants and curly figs. Downstairs they have got monsterras, figs, ferns, and a wall of succulents in some DIY hanging planters made from PVC pipe caps.

The bathroom is located within central core unit having a large modern shower, composite toilet and large basin with underneath storage space. The bathroom has been floored in mosaic tiles, featuring a full length sliding mirror and hidden wardrobe space. However, unfortunately the home does not have any laundry facility.

Not only, is this yurt a durable and economical option but interior and finishing is also eye catching. Furthermore, the project is best choice for tiny house lovers who are looking to make a home away from urban area. The yurt keeps enough living space for more than two people, spending too less space.

The total project cost approximately US$65,000 to complete, detail is as follows:

  • SIP platform, PT sub frame, footings – $10,000-12,000
  • 30-inch yurt kit with extras – $32,000
  • Interior build materials (lumber, flooring, drywall, lots of plywood) – $8,000
  • Appliances (fridge, compost toilet, water heater, wood stove, chimney) – $7,000
  • Furniture, cabinets and decor – $8,000

“$65,000 plus is not a small chunk of change by any means and was far outside of my budget as a 25-year-old, so a lot of the cost was offset by bartering and corporate partnerships,” says Both. “You could build a smaller, super bare-bones yurt for under $10,000 if you buy the yurt used.”


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