DIY CCTV Camera Installation Tutorial- How to Install CCTV

It is very important to install closed-circuit television or CCTV camera at your residence. If you have installed CCTV cameras, you can use them as a video surveillance system. It will help you in monitoring your house when you are not at home.

If you are going to install CCTV cameras, make sure to buy the latest high-resolution cameras so that you can have a clear view. When it comes to CCTV camera installation, you can “Do It Yourself”.

In this article, I will guide you on how you can install the CCTV camera system at your house yourself. Whether it is a wired system or a wireless system, you can easily install the complete system if you have the proper tools and a good guide.

To install this system, you need to make some preparations before you can install the system yourself. Here is the first step that you need to do:

1. DIY Home Security Camera Installation Preparations

Know Exactly What You Need: The first thing is, of course, to know what type of security system you need. If you wanted to get rid of massive cabling then a wireless security system is best for you. If you need a stable network system, then you should go for a wired system. You should also know how many cameras are required to secure your home.

Identify the Spots To Install Cameras: Now, you need to identify different spots indoors and outdoors where you need to install the cameras. You should select those places which provide protection to cameras and more important thing, cameras can have a good view and cover the scene according to its best power.

Get CCTV Installation Tools Ready: For a smooth installation, you need to prepare all your required tools before you start the installation procedure. The tools required are screws, an electric drill machine, cables, anchors and a power adapter. Power adapter and screws are mostly available in the box of CCTV camera systems.

2. Install Wireless or Wired Security Cameras

It is not a difficult procedure to set up a do-it-yourself video surveillance system. If you take care of a few steps and read the manual carefully you can easily install the CCTV camera yourself.

Check Spots for Clear View and Stable Power Source: After selecting the locations in the first step, now you need to select the exact spot where you will fix the security cameras. Make sure that your camera will get a clear view from that spot and you can provide a stable power source to the camera as well. Moreover, it should be high enough so that kids can’t reach it.


Mount Cameras on the Walls: Now, you need to use your electric drill machine to make the holes for screws. Do this drilling yourself and make sure that all the cabling can be done easily at that point.

Wireless IP camera connection diagram:

PoE security camera connection diagram:

Arrange Wires and Cables: Once you fix the security cameras, now you need to arrange all the wires and cables. Make sure that there is no mess of cables. These can be arranged in such a position that the cables are hidden. Make all the connections of the cables on both the ends and connect them with the cameras, DVR/NVR, Monitors and the power sources. Use the manual to learn the cabling.

Power on the CCTV Cameras: Now, power on the video surveillance system and check the output of each camera on the monitor. If any adjustment is required, do that right now. Don’t forget to take the backup of your videos.

3. Device Settings

Now, the last point is to set up your device for different functions. You can set the motion control feature (if available). You can also set up where you want to give access to the output video. You can set up IP as well to access it on different devices.

You should also use security camera apps on your Android mobile or iPhone. Here you can check the 3 best iPhone security camera apps.

You can set the scheduled backups as well. If you have an IP camera then it is recommended to get back up on other devices as well which are on another location. That means you should store the backup on remote devices as well.


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