Some Simple and Stylish DIY Clothing Hacks for Women

Women’s clothing styles keep changing every season. Sometimes the new dress that you bought this season won’t be used in the next season because that design is not in fashion anymore.

So, it becomes difficult to afford the latest fashion trends for women who have a low monthly budget to buy clothes and fashion accessories. But thanks to the DIY women clothing hack every girl and woman can transform their old-fashion clothes into the latest trendy dresses.

Let it be denim jeans, shorts, skirts, or women coords, the DIY clothing hacks can give your clothes a brand new look that is also a fashionable trend.

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De-Pill Winter Clothes

de-pill clothes

If you have done everything to prevent pilling on your winter clothes but even then you fail, now it’s time to de-pill. These pesky lint balls destroy the beauty of your favorite clothes, especially in the winter season.

If you want to use your cozy winter clothes again with the same elegance, you can use a razor to de-pill your winter clothes. You can easily de-pill your clothes and can wear them again as they will look new. You can use tape to pick the leftovers from your clothes.

Fix Zipper With Chapstick


When you are not able to use your pants or shorts just because you are not able to zip them, you need to be a little creative. This is a temporary solution but is very useful in case of an emergency.

You need to add some lubrication to work the zipper for some time. For this purpose, you can use candle wax, chapstick, or petroleum jelly. It will fix the zipper for some time and then when you get some spare time, you can replace it.

Turn Old Jeans into Denim Crop Top

Old jeans to Denim Crop Top

This would be an amazing and stylish DIY women’s clothing hack. Everyone has a lot of old jeans at wardrobe which is not used for a couple of years. You can easily transform the old jeans into a beautiful and stylish denim crop top.

Even beginner DIYers can do this project. For this, you need to cut the best part of your jeans into 4 parts. The length of each part should be 1 to 2 inches longer than the 1/4th of your chest size. You need to sew the 3 parts together and keep the sides open.

Now you need to close the open sides by attaching denim buttons and making the buttonholes. This would be a perfect and trendy denim crop top that you can wear with a white inner shirt, or you can wear it as it is.

Turn Men’s Shirt into Women’s Co-Ords

The two-piece women’s dress is a stylish outfit for young girls and it looks beautiful for slim and smart girls. It doesn’t mean that plus-size women can’t wear co-ords, but the options are limited.

If you have a grouser or a skirt and you are confused about how to wear it with a new style, you can turn it into a Coords style by making a top by using a men’s shirt.

For this DIY women’s clothing hack, you need to have good sewing skills as you need to cut the men’s shirt so that you can use it as your crop top with your skirt or trouser. By applying creative design skills you can sew a brilliant and eye-catching top to wear both top and trousers (or skirt) as a women’s co-ords.

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