DIY Cool Bird Feeder Ideas

I can still remember the college days when we enjoyed the birds sweet chirping while we get relaxed in college lawn before we go to our home. Imagine how those days were even it passed many years. Birds are the wonderful creature as they add more beauty and make the environment more joyous thorough their sweet voice.

If you really love birds and want to attract the birds to your living place then you should create something that can attract them to your living place. I was just thinking about this and suddenly I decided to find out some homemade bird feeder to attract birds to my home. A bird feeder DIY is really excited so here I would like to share with you some easy bird feeder making DIY ideas with you.

Get a glass pot, grab it with wooden stand and hang it with rope on a tree branch.

What will you say about this tree branch handmade bird feeder. Its very simple but looking rustic bird feeder.

In this DIY bird feeder idea a plastic pod has been wonderfully converted into a beautiful bird feeder. Its simply hanged with rope with tree branch.

How wonderfully this handmade bird feeder has been crafted, I,m really amazed. Would you like to build a bird feeder like this for your sweet birds.

A tea pots have been hanged with small chain with a tree branch. No doubt its a beautiful homemade bird feeder.

Another wonderful bird feeder DIY plan.

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