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DIY Creative Shelving Ideas

There are so many plans to organize a home that different people have in their minds and try to organize their things at home. Whether you agreed or not, I always like Shelving to organize my things at home. Therefor my today’s project is about DIY shelving project. In this project you will learn ideas about different types of storage shelves. Some of them can be hanged with the wall and some can be on ground to organize your things and to add a rustic look to your living space because if things are arranged and organized at your home then it will beautify your home with more rustic look.

There are so many types of storage shelves like floating shelves, tree branch shelves, reclaimed wood shelves etc. These shelves are easy to make, frugal and can be placed in any corner of your home like bathroom or to store your things at nursery room, everywhere these are easy and feasible for storage purpose.

Take a look to see my collection then select an easy idea and build your own shelves at home. If you are living in small tiny home then these DIY easy shelving ideas are very useful for you because you can utilize every inch of available space in your home.

Mostly people like floating shelves as these are functional but also beautify your living space. These shelves are easy to build because it required few supplies to build floating shelves at home.

Corner shelves are also famous and most feasible to save more space in your home as these can be set in minimum available space in your home.

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