Handkerchief table runner ideas

DIY Elegant Table Runner Ideas

This is a fun and easy DIY project.  I add this project to my DIY weekend projects list in this week. This is a sort of fun hunting down vintage handkerchiefs. For a DIY table runner project, you’ll need many handkerchiefs that are blended well together.

Material Required:

1-     5-7 handkerchiefs

2-     Iron and ironing board

3-     Needle and thread

4-     Pins

5-     Scissors

6-     Fusible interfacing

As compare to other projects, this one will take more time because there is lot of ironing and hand sewing taking place. I finished this crafting project in couple hours.

Start by laying each handkerchief on the fusible interfacing. Then cut a piece of interfacing large than the handkerchief. Remove the creases on the handkerchief by dry ironing it.  Fuse the interfacing to the handkerchief.  Place the iron near to the edges as possible.  Cut the excess interfacing right along the edge of handkerchief. Don’t cut the sewn edges of handkerchief. Now spend some time in arranging handkerchiefs and pin them where they overlap. Stitching the handkerchiefs mean appliqueing them to each other.

Handkerchief table runner ideas

DIY handkerchief table Plans

DIY table runner project

Simple DIY handkerchief table runner design

simple handkerchief table runner


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