DIY Fancy Curtain Ideas

Hello, My smart readers!! Today I am going to show you how you can easily change the look of your room within seconds. Now your question will be how it is possible? So, let’s start. You love your curtains, right? I mean, one amongst the quickest and best ways to fully change the look of your room is to alter your curtains. I can’t tell you how persistently over the years I’ve added new curtains to a room to offer it a major facelift.

You may love your curtains however, you don’t love paying for brand new ones on every occasion you would like to change the look of a room. That’s why I’ve place along an excellent list of five simple DIY curtains that you simply can build with little or no money whatsoever. Imagine having the ability to remodel your room, any room, without spending a small fortune on window coverings.

1.   DIY Polka Dot Curtains:

You can build numerous great curtains with things that you simply have laying around the house. Have some tea towels? you can create kitchen curtains with them! I like repurposing and making attractive curtains is the excellent repurposing project as you can see in the picture above, these are Polka Dot curtains which are suitable for your kitchen windows. It looks stunning all around.

2.   Washable Striped Curtains:

Some cheap white panels, that you’ll get at Wal-Mart for around $9, acrylic, and a paint roller allow you to produce these superb washable patterned curtains. Use whatever colors you would like. The simplest part is they’re very low-cost to make so easy to care for.

3.   Tablecloth Curtains:

Have a tablecloth you simply just don’t use anymore? or even you just have one that you suppose would be the proper curtain for your dining or lounge. You can simply flip that tablecloth into a curtain. Even if you don’t have one available, you can pick up recent tablecloths at yard sales and flea markets, sometimes plenty cheaper than curtains.

4.   Greek Key Curtains:

These beautiful curtains can be created without stitching unless they need to be hemmed. You’ll use liquid cloth glue to position the fabric ribbon, and the finished look is wonderful. I really like the distinction between black and white, however, you’ll use this method to make any color or pattern that you simply want.

5.   Flutter Curtains:

These Anthropologie knockoffs are very easy to Do it yourself. They do need a touch of stitching, however, not most that an initiate couldn’t create them. The flutter ruffles up and down them are thus romantic and chic. Use them within the bedroom or anyplace you want just a touch of luxury in an easy to DIY curtain panel.


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