Once again, a warm welcome to all my Smart readers!! I am very glad to see you every time in my diaries. Earlier today I’m going to share a brand-new trend that’s affectioned right now within the wedding trade – flower hats! We’ve seen them a lot on everywhere social media. And while the hats I’m going to share usually use fresh flowers, I’m bringing you this super easy DIY using a hat you probably already have in your closet by adding some dried flowers, stay focused.


  • Assorted flowers.
  • Hat
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


Step 1: Take your floral wire and wrap around your hat base to create the proper size ‘wreath’ for your flowers. Twist the tip items along to stay bolted together.

Step 2: Begin by adding your base flowers first – just like the wheat we picked – and begin wrapping them around the floral wire ‘wreath’ you created. We secured these initial items with smaller clips of floral wire and wrapped it to the most frame of the wire.

Step 3: Pack up with all of your extra florals. Our focal flowers were poppies thus we kept those scattered but stylish. These were additionally secured with wire, but we additionally used a touch of glue from a glue gun to any secure right down to the frame. You won’t need to urge any glue on your hat, so you’ll take away the florals later should you want to re-use!

I hope you would like my today’s Blog. Stay tuned to my website for more DIY Projects. I hope you will prefer it for Your own. Thanks for your time!!

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