DIY Flower Paper Lantern ideas

Hello, my dear readers!! I hope you’ll feel great. Being a DIY crafter, it is so interesting and impatience to wait for some new inventions. So, let’s start our day with some amazing DIY projects. Today I am going to show you how you can simply brighten your garden with these amazing DIY flower paper lantern Hacks. It is a unique and very simple way to transform your backyard into a catchy one. Believe me!! It will make you more interested in your daily crafts. Well, one of these plans are incredibly simple and essentially create the most effective homemade craft on a casual afternoon. Moreover, you will fall in love with the stunning plans.

These are an amazing DIY Flower paper lanterns worth for your garden. As the supplies used in the entire procedure are quite simple and easy to find nearby. Let me tell you one thing that the flowers used here are not real that’s why it can stay longer. If we talk about supplies, then let me tell you 12 papers lanterns, better quality Silk flowers with different colors and sizes and a glue gun can be used.


First of all, remove the flower heads and then cut off the leaves in clusters as shown in the picture below. Then add the wire to the inside of your paper lantern to open it.


In this step, you need to stick the glue on clusters of the leaves with the help of your hot gun. And then add a large flower on the right side of the lantern.


Repeat the process 3 to 4 times till the whole lantern filled with these colorful flowers.

Seriously an amazing combination and contrast of colors and pattern have been used in the whole project. Hang them in a tree for the perfect look. Lovely!!

Well look at this design, it is changed from the previous one. Instead of flowers, butterflies are used in the project which gives a stunning and unique look. Plus, the white and purple combination of the colors enhance the beauty of the lantern. Same as flowers you can easily purchase a variety of butterflies from any of the shop nearby. The procedure is also same use 12 papers of lantern papers and a glue gun to stick the butterflies above the lantern for a gorgeous look. The good thing about this lantern is that the net fabric is used in between the lantern. Perfect!!

It is simple but prettiest leaves printed Lantern design ever. It will enhance your garden beauty because of its appearance. The shades of the leaves give it a realistic look with combination to the backyard trees. Believe me!! Your friends and guest would inspire by the idea. It will make a catchy look toward everyone eyes. Amazing!!

I love the sequence of flowers placed in one line. I hope you would love to create this dreamy, feminine, and colorful DIY flower paper lantern. As this lantern has been hanged among the real flowers which give it a natural look. You can hang it on a special event or night parties. It will make your day special and charming.

Every design shows its unique beauty. You will get pleasure with every of the look. You can add more twist by adding your chosen product or by choosing your choice color.

I hope you would love these ideas. So, what are you waiting for? go and buy the stuff and start achieving your goal today. Kindly like and share your experience in the comments below. Thanks for being a part of my diary!! Stay tuned for more projects.

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