Garage Door Repairs DIY

Common Garage Door Repairs You Can Do Yourself

While professional service is available, there are some simple repairs you can perform yourself. For example, you can replace a garage door opener remote control, repair a frozen or stuck garage door, and check for dents. Unless you have the tools and the proper experience, you can handle most of these problems on your own.

Read on to learn more about these common repairs. This article will provide you with information that you need to know to keep your garage door in top shape.

Breaking a garage door spring

A broken spring can cause your garage door to open or close erratically, leaving you stranded outside or in need of talking to a Natick, MA truck accident attorney to help you deal with legal problems. To replace it, you must first unscrew the setscrews on the broken spring, then slide it over the stationary part of the door.

Next, measure the length of the spring to ensure that it is the correct size. You can purchase a replacement spring on Amazon, or you can call a garage door repair expert.

Fixing a frozen or stuck garage door

In an emergency, you may want to use a heat gun to melt the frozen garage door. However, keep in mind that if you do this, the door will likely freeze again when you shut it.

You should also check to make sure that the bottom of the door is not touching the ground or that water is in it. If this doesn’t work, you can always use a hammer and block of wood to break up the ice.

Replacing a garage door opener’s remote control

Regardless of the brand of garage door opener you have, there are several steps to replacing a garage door opener’s remote control. First, you must know the specific instructions for your remote control. Some openers can control two doors and/or gates.

The instructions will vary based on your particular model, but in general, you will need to press the ‘Learn’ button three times to program a new remote.

Checking for dents

One of the most basic garage door repairs is checking for dents. Most of the time, a dent is a simple fix – simply use a plunger to pop the dent out. In some cases, however, a deeper dent may require the use of fine grit sandpaper and auto body filler to restore it to its original state. Once the area has been repaired, local experts can discuss the options for exterior paint coats.

Checking for rusted rollers

One of the most important things to look for when doing common garage door repairs is rusted rollers. Over time, these rollers take a lot of abuse and can become bent or rusted. The rollers are also one of the most common reasons a door gets pulled off the track.

Replace any rollers that are damaged with new nylon steel ball bearing rollers. If these do not fix the problem, you can hire a professional to fix it.

Checking for photo-eye sensor damage

When you’re doing common garage door repairs, you can often identify the issue by checking the sensors. Photo eyes are located four to six inches off the ground and can be damaged by harsh weather, hungry pests, and excessive use.

In such cases, you’ll need to replace the photo-eye sensor. In some cases, it’s possible to manually adjust the sensor to correct the issue. To do this, simply loosen a couple of screws and adjust the pivot bracket.

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