DIY Gold Heart Celebrity Necklace

Hellow DIY folks! Get ready as I’m here with another wonderful jewelry DIY idea. Something the things are not need to described as you can craft your things just by seeing the pictures. Something same like this, I’m going to share with you in my today’s post. This post is dedicated to those persons who think that they can’t craft their things or just they are DIY beginners.


While searching online about easy DIY necklace ideas, I’ve found and same going to share with you that how to craft your celebrity gold heart necklace. As most women like to wear something trending for celebrity and necklace is something that most women like to have in their jewelry box.

DIY easy necklace ideas

DIY celebrity necklace idea is very simple as I’m dead sure that you’ll craft it just by seeing the picture. The material you required includes golden chain and gold heart. Although this type of handmade available in the market but you can craft your own gold heart celebrity necklace and it is also customizable. You can assemble is easily as you can see in below picture.

How to craft necklace

diy bridal necklace


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