DIY Home Decoration with Clay Pots

Clay flower pots are cheap and simple to search out. They lend themselves well to a range of home and garden decoration. With a touch creative thinking, you’ll be able to build the plain clay flower pot into a variety of fun and exciting styles. A number of these styles are easy, they will be worn out one afternoon. You can easily decorate your home with these funny and amazing ideas. Let, start my new mission today, I will show you some amazing idea that will help you to make your home pretty.
1. Two Level Planters with House Numbers:
In Pakistan it’s extremely hot in summer, So, thoughts of flowers and horticulture have crept into my mind. Thoughts that embrace these DIY star light-weight planters, that are a singular thanks to adding some height and light-weight to your flower pots!


1. 6″ or smaller earthenware flower pot with a hole within the bottom
2. Multi-surface paint
3. Chip brush
4. Foam brush
5. Artist’s brush
6. Solar light-weight with a protracted stake at the underside
7. Potting soil and flowers.
 STEP NO 1:
First, paint your earthenware pots but you prefer. I painted street numbers on one set and went for a weather-beaten paint look on the opposite set. to attain the weather-beaten paint look, I used a chip brush to periodically apply acrylic to the flower pot, so I dragged the comb across.


 STEP NO 2:
Once that dried, I taped off around the rim of the pot and painted the higher a part of the pot a solid color with a foam brush. (For the set of pots with house numbers, I affixed metal ribbon around the rim.)


 STEP NO 3:
After everything dried, I stuffed the larger pot with potting soil. Then I stuck the star light-weight through the opening within the smaller pot and set the smaller pot and star light-weight stake into the larger pot.


I stuffed the highest, smaller pot with soil so supplementary my spring flowers.


2. Clay Pot Wreath:
One more top idea is to decorate your garden wall with the help of Clay pot wreath. It seems the best idea to add beauty to your home entry. It will give a defined entry and eye-catching beauty.

1. 0″ or 12″ wicker wreath kind
2. Moss of your selection
3. Your selection of four tiny succulent plants
4. Four – 4″ clay pots, these can hold the succulent
5. 14-16 of the 2″ pots
6. 6 to eight of the small 1″ craft clay pots
7. Heavy gauge wire (I used 16g.)
8. Wire cutters
9. Hot glue gun & sticks.
 STEP NO 1:
Begin by swing nonvascular plant onto the wreath victimization hot glue. I used associate previous wreath I had painted inexperienced. Run a bit of wire through the underside hole within the pot. Twist once or double to carry the wire in place.

home decor ideas

 STEP NO 2:
Place the pot onto the wreath in an exceedingly leaning position. If you can, run your wire through several the openings within the wreath, then back around the pot, and back around the wreath; twist wire into place. I hot affixed my pots to the wreath as I went to help them keep within the leaning position.

home decor diy plans

 STEP NO 3:

Also, bend your wire near the within of the pot. This will leave an area for putting your succulent within later. Attach the most four pots 1st, in a North, South, East, West fashion. Then begin adding the 2″ pots, in an exceeding style of random order, canted the wrong way up and sideways. Place your pots as closely along as attainable.

You will notice that once you flip over the wreath to twist the wire, the pots can move a small amount.

do it yourself decorThere is a special mix of potting soil created especially for succulent plants.


3. Painted Clay Flower Pot Wind Chime:
Making this painted clay flower pot wind chime is an amazing idea you can enjoy with your family. This is an amazing idea you can easily adapt and decorate your home. It will increase your garden beauty.


I think we tend to quite ‘made it our own’, this flower pot wind chime wasn’t the least bit my plan. I’ve got seen them such a big amount of times at guileful web site currently, then several style-versions of it, you can easily adapt the idea.


Here’s the basic thing I want to show you.
We started with three completely different sized terracotta plants, that have emptying holes within the bottom.
The smallest is little, at 1-1/2″ tall. Then the two next sizes up 2-2/3″ and 3-1/2″.


 STEP NO 1:
Using your very little assortment of artificial brushes, you tend to have to be compelled to painting your pots.


 STEP NO 2:
You can easily paint your pots with the help of these paints, it looks amazing. Paint it step by step as I am showing you.

how to decor with clay pots

 STEP NO 3:
Our original plan was to embellish our pots with very little garden bugs. Like butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, etc. it might be this cute! Don’t you think? however none people felt we tend to may paint them that well, that small, and that we couldn’t realize any stickers or decals of any kind, to reasonably Modge Podge them on.

DIY CLAY POT project

We used jute twine and arrange it through the holes of the pots. we tend to be tied large enough knots on the string, to hold the pots on the string as we tend to wish. therefore, every knot was within the pot beneath the drain hole.


4. DIY Garden ­Mushrooms:
Dress up your yard or porch with these fast and straightforward DIY Garden Mushrooms. This project is thus easy that it’s nice for teenagers, too!
1. 2-3 spherical earthenware pots in varied sizes
2. 2-3 spherical earthenware drain plates (each 3-5 in. wider than the underside of the matching pot)
3. Spray paint, in white, and in a very selection of colors for mushroom first-rate
4. White acrylic craft paint
5. Waterproof clear paint- on or spray sealer
6. 2-in.-wide spherical sponge or spouncer
7. Small applier
8. Epoxy or waterproof out of doors glue


 STEP NO 1:
In a well-ventilated space, spray-paint the outside of the pots white and the undersurface of every drain plate in a very different color. Apply as several coats PRN for full coverage; let dry 24-48 hours.


 STEP NO 2:
For the dots on the mushroom super, dip a spherical sponge or spouncer in white acrylic. Coat it generously and so press it to a painted drain plate. take away quickly, deed a white dot. If needed, use a little applier to fill in any light-weight areas of paint.


In final step, to assemble the mushrooms, center a drain plate, painted aspect up, on high of every inverted pot. For stability, use epoxy or waterproof out of doors glue to stick the drain plate to the bottom.

5. Foot Print Butterfly Flower Pot:
You can easily decorate your garden with this simple and unique idea, it will give totally change the look to your entry.

wonderful home decor project

What you will need for the whole idea? As I show you in the figure above, these are the material which is needed in the whole project. A clay pot giant enough to suit your child growing feet on the facet, some acrylic, some previous foam paintbrushes, a black Sharpie (though black paint and a fine brush or a paint pen would be nice also), and lastly, a matte spray-on clear coat.
 STEP NO 1:

diy clay pot project

This is the first step of your DIY Decoration project.
 STEP NO 2:
One factor I’d say is that if you wish the colors to combine along wherever they meet, you ought to probably facilitate them together with your applier whereas on the foot.

clay pot project

In the final step you need to wait for the pot to dry, then with a soft marker brush draw the butterfly image on your pot and fill it with flowers and plants.

decor with clay pots

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