DIY Tire Ideas

DIY Home Garden

Prepare your home garden for relaxing and enjoying in the hot sunny days. You can take advantage of your free time and together with the kids make some small changes in backyard. If you have a house or cottage in the countryside on the mountain, you can decorate your yard, and you can hardly wait for the weekend to go and enjoy in the nature and your cottage garden. All the old things that you can find, use in the right way and play with a imagination. If you have old tires in a garage, old rubber boots that no one wears, crate or some slats, rearrangement can begin. With the old wheels of cars, that you previously painted with colors, you can make beautiful flowers, and old tires can be used for the swings-made for your children. You can also make small chairs, which you can set around a small fire and make marshmallow while you’re telling the stories. If you have children, you can make them with stones different shapes like butterflies, caterpillar or decorate path with little stones to look like mosaic.

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DIY Tire Ideas

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