DIY Interesting Book Box

DIY Interesting Book Project

Books are a great treasure, and some people may feel sorry to use them for anything else than reading, but when you see what you can do with them, you will be delighted. DIY interesting book project will allow you to see what kind of opportunities books provide you. All you need is to find as more books as it’s possible and with a help of glue and your creative side make something incredible. One of you options may be to create a wall shelves made of books. You can also use them to make wall of books above the bed in your bedroom by using the glue. If your girlfriend likes to read book, you can use book instead of jewelry box, and she will be very surprised when she sees that you are proposing her on so romantic way. Your other option book ideas are to make book vase for your flowers or book lamp. Make the jewelry box or secret book box, where you can hide love letters and all other confidential things you don’t want anyone to find. Fashion lovers can use it to make unique book vintage bag.

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DIY Interesting Book Box

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DIY Book Box

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