DIY Girly Box

DIY Jewelry Boxes Designs

Girls adore buying and collecting jewelry, but do not know where and how to accommodate them so that everything looks transparent and easily to locate in a hurry. DIY Jewelry Boxes Designs are the right choice for you, where you can find a large number of ideas. You must have an old and ordinary box that you don’t like, take the colours and markers and make a print according to your wishes. If you don’t have any box, you can create it alone and for jewelry box idea you may use the help of stronger paper or paperboard. But that’s not all, you can take advantage of the strong covers of a book, so you will cut the paper into the middle, make the form which you want, stick it with glue to secure the rest of the paper pages and you have made a vintage jewelry box. Another very interesting idea for the box design can be wooden sticks. To separate jewely use sponge curlers or wooden compartments to complete the interior of the box for jewelry. I hope that these DIY ideas will help you to arrange everything nicely and accelerate the search for jewelry.

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