DIY Makeup Setting Spray

Today I want to share with you how to make a really awesome makeup setting spray that you can easily whip up with the stuff that is in your medicine cabinet. All makeup setting sprays are not created equally, the great thing about DIY beauty is that you can tailor it to suit your skin, so we are going to go ahead and just jump right into these.


DIY Makeup Setting Spray Recipes

So for this DIY makeup setting spray we are going to need some spray bottles, some sweet almond oil; you can find this at the drugstore, some vegetable glycerin also at the drugstore, a spatula just to make your product, and lastly some purified or distilled drinking water.


How to Makeup Setting Spray

Cleanse Out the Spray Bottle

The first step is you want to cleanse out your spray bottle, so instead of using like alcohol or soap inside of the spray bottle you can use simple hot water like steaming hot water and all you have to do is put some of the hot water in the spray bottle and just shake it up. I don’t like to use any alcohol or soap in my spray bottles just because I am going to be putting it on my face and if I take that chance of not cleansing it right after I put those products in then I am going to be spraying alcohol or soap on my face and that is not what I want. So you can repeat this process of putting hot water and pouring it out like two or three times. Once that is done you can easily just kind of place it upside down so that they air dry or you can just use a paper towel to clean it out.

Makeup setting spray recipies

Mix the Recipes Together

The next step for the DIY makeup setting spray is to mix the recipes together. We are going to start by putting some water in the spray bottle, you can fill it about halfway at first until you put your oils in there and then later on you can fill it all the way to the top. So the first thing you are going to put in the water is the vegetable glycerin and basically, this is just kind of like a moisturizer it’s going to really hydrate your skin. Now for the sweet almond oil, this is not going to mix with the water so every time you use this product you are going to want to shake it just because it is going to separate. In order to ensure that the vegetable glycerin mixes well, you can use the spatula to scroll that around in there. Now both of these combined are going to give you a really dewy look and you could also add in some vitamin E just to like give you some more benefits. You always want to shake it like I said right before you use it because it is going to separate as the sweet almond oil is not going to mix.

This homemade makeup setting spray won’t only save your money in the long run but it’s really easy to make; I personally love it because it leaves my skin dewy but also make sure that my makeup stays put all day long.

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