DIY Mason jar light project

DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Lighting

Proper lighting arrangement is very necessary for every room and corner of your home. Therefore light fixture is very in your home. Today we’ll share some easy lighting ideas with you especially for your kitchen corner. Kitchen is the power house of every home therefore proper lighting arrangements are of utmost importance for the kitchen. It also enhances your home decoration if your kitchen is decorated with lights. Almost in all type of homes kitchen is located in center of the home. The material used in this wonderful DIY project can be accessed easily in your home store or scrap. It’s a wonderful family weekend project. First of all we gather the material like mason jars, pallet wood piece, bulbs or energy savers, steel nails, electric driller and electric copper wire. Starting the project, we fix the wooden pallet slab on the roof of the kitchen. Drilling in the wooden slab make some holes to hold the lights in hanging mason jars. Here are some pictures of this wonderful mason jar lighting project.

DIY Mason jar hanging light

DIY mason jar light fixture

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DIY Mason jar light project

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