DIY Mediterranean Bottles With Boat

DIY Mediterranean Decor Ideas

If you like Mediterranean style then you will find very interesting opportunities in DIY Mediterranean decor ideas. You wish to create the atmosphere in your home as if on vacation to some exotic destination, than this will help you a lot to make some changes.There are a lot of possibilities available. Typical colors for this style are blue, red and white.You can make a Welcome pallet sign that will also serve you as a hanger.Using the rope make the coasters, carpet or decorate lamp. It can even serve to make the sea print on the glass candle jars or make candles using the clamshell.To create a wall picture, find some old frames and find motives that fit into the Mediterranean style.If you are very talented for making ships in bottles, create one that decorates your shelves, although it is a difficult task because it involves a lot of time and patience.As garnish in the yard take the ladder, add sea shells, rope, fish net and you will get a very nice ornament in front of the house.Take advantage of free to convert your home into an oasis by the sea.

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DIY Mediterranean Bottles With Boat

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