How to make a wooden table tray

DIY Multi-Purposed Table Tray Made of Pallet Wood

Pallet wood has been always the best material to make a useable furniture items by transforming and recycling it. I always think about different innovative DIY projects. Therefore we spend our most time in searching about pallet DIY projects. You can make so many useable things by recycling the pallet wood. Here we have gathered few ideas about luscious wooden tray table. Yes, this project is easy and funny as there is no rocket science behind it. Just you’ve to set your mind and decide spare time to enjoy this wonderful project. Gather pallet wood and make from it different pieces from it. If you want to make a round table tray then cut out in round pieces. You can also make rolling tray table of pallet wood. Make four pieces of different length to attach those legs of the table tray. You can fix wheels with the legs of the table. Your multi-purpose wooden table tray is ready. Now it’s upon you weather you want to use in your bedroom or in to serve tea to your honorable guests.

DIY wooden table tray

how to make a wooden table tray from pallet

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