how to assemble pallet kid bed

DIY Reclaimed Pallet Bed for Kids

Can you imagine that pallets are so handy and feasible to make household furniture items? This time we are here to share a very creative DIY pallet project with you. A pallet bed is very dire need of home and people of all ages deserve bed for healthy sleep. Like the elders, your kids also deserve comfortable bed for a healthier sleep. If you are worry about your budget to meet your this need then don’t worry as you can build your own kid bed with short time effort and using few things as materials.

how to build  kids bed out of pallets

easy Pallet kids bed designs

how to assemble pallet kid bed

Basic material required for this cool DIY pallet project includes reclaimed wood, steel nails, fabrics, foam pad, cotton and mini mattress. To make wooden pallets smooth, pallets are sanded then assembled using steel nails. As you can see in the picture that assembling the pallet bed is very easy and simple. Handmade pallet kid bed has been colorless because pallet wood has a very good look by default. After this assembling and finishing process, mattress has been adjusted on the surface of kids pallet bed to make it more comfort for your pretty kids.

building a kid bed from pallets

easy reclaimed pallet bed ideas

This kids bed is sufficient for kids of all ages. Your kid can easily sleep, sit and you can also arrange a photo shoot for your kid. Try it and Enjoy.

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