DIY Pallet Bed Ideas

Awesome Pallet Bed Ideas

It is amazing to see that pallets can be recycled in another cool way e.g. making pallet beds. Doesn’t that sound cool? Obviously it does. So I am here to present some great bed frames with storage space too.

Making pallet beds:

First of all you need to clean and polish your pallet as per your requirement. Then arrange them as per your style needs. You need to make the paws larger in length in order to have some storage space beneath the bed too. The most fascinating thing is that we can use the storage space not only for keeping different stuff but also for illumination.  This means you can put small beautiful lights under the bed to make it look more charming. You can also make some fabric covers in order to cover the pallet beds. This will enhance their beauty.

Bed with storage spaces:

This bed is extremely reliable if you have made it using good quality pallets. The good point is that it has a spacious and sliding storage.

For this, make a bed structure with pallets and then make a square drawer.



Bed with storage boxes:

This bed has square storage spaces in which you can fit square boxes. To make it you need to design a bed frame as above.

DIY bed out of pallets

Bed sofa:

This is a multi-use bed as it can be treated as a bed and as a sofa too. It also has horizontal storage places too. Cover this bed –sofa with fabric and cushions to make it look good for dual use.


Bed with drawers:

In addition to bed frame, this bed has drawers on its sides and some storage places at the front too. As a result it we can store more stuff.

DIY pallet bed frames designs


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