Building a coffee table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Wheels

I was just free at last weekend and went to see my friend Mr. Kate living in last street of the colony. Mr. Kate is so curious of DIY projects. He is always in search to find out easy and wonderful pallet recycling ideas. After enjoying the tea we went into the backyard of home, there were lying some old stained pallets of wood. Suddenly Mr. Kate astonished and asked me to do pallet recycling fun. He picked the wooden pallets and cleaned them with care, we were excited as there was sufficient pallet available to transform it into a reclaimed wooden coffee table. So we brought the wooden pallets into DIY lab to start a wonderful pallet project. Mr. Kate has a collection of all necessary DIY tools so we took necessary tools. First pallets wood was stained and sanded to make it smooth and to give a beauteous look. Then pallets wooden pieces were joined with the steel nails and hot glue was also used. To move it easily from one location to another in your home wheel were also added. Now it’s a nice and beauteous homemade pallet coffee table with wheels.

We enjoyed a lot this wonderful pallet project at last weekend. My friend inspired me to have pallet fun at weekend.

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Building a coffee table


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