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DIY Pallet Lamp Projects

Pallets are increasingly popular and more people are using them to create various forms of furniture. DIY pallet lamp projects can be useful to get your own masterpiece. Wood pallets can be found anywhere, because they are used in the marine industry and pallets are highly represented everywhere. Make sketch, get pallets and prepare drill. First make the desired frame for lamp, then with drill make holes on pallets and put through the cables. You can only use bulbs, if you want a simple look. But if you’re for more rustic look, you can use the jar to protect the bulb. This can be a very interesting idea for your cabin in the mountains or a house in the countryside. Besides this, you can put the lamp inside the house, and can light on your garden. You can even make pallet wall which you may paint and decorate ¬†with the lamp, so the entrance of your house will shine.Pallet lamps put in a kitchen, living room, bedroom or in the garden, wherever you want to expose your work and bright your home and life.

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DIY Lamp Ideas

DIY Pallet Lamp Ideas

DIY Jar Pallet Lamp Idea

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