DIY Shelves Family Memories

DIY Pallet Shelves

If you want to optimaze place and make more space for your gadgets, then the DIY Pallet Shelves is right choice for you, inexpensive, and very useful. Shelves can be of different sizes and function you want to dedicate is depending on where you want to place them. It can be a living room where you can put books, pictures with memorable moments in your life and ornaments that you have brought from the trips. In the kitchen you can use them for spices and to dispose dishes, and in the bathroom they can serve for towels and cosmetics. You can also save place in your garage and use it to delay tools.  If you are a big fan of wine you can aline your favorite drink bottles and if you have wine basement you can put shelves on every wall to expose your collection. If you want more sophisticated look, repaint them with white colour, and if you like the natural look of wood, only varnish them.

DIY Bathroom Shelves

DIY Shelves project

DIY Family Pictures Paller Shalves

DIY Wine Pallet Shalves

DIY Shelves Family Memories

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