build your pallet trunk from wooden pallets

DIY Pallet Trunk

One day I gathered a lot of wooden pallets to have CREATIVITY by repurposing old pallets. I planned to make a wooden pallet trunk to organize things at home. First of all we dissemble the old pallets by removing loose nails and kept the wooden pallets separate to make the wooden pallet trunk. Wooden pallets were again reassembled by fixing the pallets as per DIY wooden pallet trunk design. Steel were used while fixing the pallets with each other.

A drawer pull top board was also extracted by reclaiming pallet to pull its top over. Drawer pull was adjusted with iron hinges to pull and close the top board. To look like a new DIY pallet furniture, wood was sanded until it looked a brand-new furniture item. Now your pallet trunk is ready to have wide space and capacity to store your clothes, toys and blankets.

easy pallet storage trunk

build your pallet trunk from wooden pallets

Homemade pallet storage trunk

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