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DIY Pearl Necklace Ideas- Make your own Pearl Necklace

DIY Pearl Necklace Ideas

Pearls are among the most exquisite gemstones in the world, they have long been treasured and they are an extremely popular option today. A lot of people are in love with the beauty these gems possess but may not be fond of ordinary pearl necklaces, this is they sometimes lack in creativity and uniqueness. If you are looking for ways to add spark to this gems, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find some stunning DIY pearl necklace ideas that are sure to inspire you.

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Pearl Cluster Necklace

Are you of the opinion that pearls tend to look their best when they are bunched together so they can be all appreciated at a time? It is true that simple pearl clusters gathered along a chain are classic to look at and will never get old.

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DIY Pearl Collar Necklace

Whether this style of DIY pearl necklace is trending or not, faux collar necklaces are always a beauty to behold and they are the perfect way to class up any outfit. They have some extra character that is unlikely to be found in stores particularly when they are made by you.

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Thick Pearl Bunches

If you are a big fan of many pearls in one place like the first idea on this list but you would love even more of them bunched together then you will love the idea of a clustered design. The pearls can be attached together more densely and closely than the first idea on this list and they can be made to span the length of the chain more thoroughly.

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Interspersed Pearls and Clear Beads

Are you in love with dangly little pearls hanging freely around a nice chain necklace but you have previously made something like that and would like something else to contribute to the look? Then you will like the idea of the interspersed pearls and clear beads. Instead of using pearls exclusively, you can incorporate a few clear sphere beads as well. This can help to break up the visual without making things too different.

Triple Strand Pearl Necklace

Maybe your favorite part of making a DIY pearl necklace is the way the edgy chains contrast with the classy and pretty pearls for a stylish effect. This style of necklace harnesses the beauty quality of pearls. You can make this with three different weights of jewelry chain with three different shapes and kinds of pearls, more like getting three accessories in one.

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If you want to make a pearl necklace for your loved one then watch below video for complete tutorial.

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