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DIY Tiny Home smart storage solution

DIY Smart tiny home storage solutions

If you are living in a small and tiny home but worried about storage space in your living place then don’t worry we are here to share with your smart tiny home storage ideas with you. We’ve learned these ideas from tiny house created by Pod Idladla and many other. Below are some easy tiny home storage solutions.

1-Vertical Storage Solutions  

Often the vertical storage shelves go wrong but in this tiny home the case is totally different. In a room of 185 sq ft vertical shelves have been created upto to ceiling to utilize the maximum vertical storage space and to create more space for your living room. In these vertical storage shelves you can save all types of normal and seasonal things in a very arrange manner.

2-Slatwall Shelving

We have learned slatwall shelving idea from tiny home based in Portland, Oregon. As you can see in the picture that slatwall panels have been used to create more and flexible storage space. No bolts have been used so you can rearrange and remove shelving as you like and whenever your mood strikes. What a great tiny home storage idea!

3-Under Floor Storage

Under floor storage idea has been inspired by Brevard Tiny House. They have created under floor storage space by cutting a section of flooring. Here you can save different things even a coffee table.

4-Creative Outdoor Storage

Now go to your exterior to create more storage space like the stairs leading to tiny house. You can use the stairs as your shoe storage box. You can also store your garden tools and other supplies here.

5-Floor Bedding

Murphy beds are most recommended for tiny house however Minim house has come with new and innovative idea that some may like to manage easily even on daily basis. In the picture above you can see that underneath 5 by 7 foot area is enough to manage a full size bed.

6-Clever Built-ins for Storage

Zoku Amsterdam is a hotel for business travelers. Their loft-like micro-dwellings feature practical built-ins that make them feel more like tiny homes than temporary crash pads. We like the staircase appearing in above picture as when retracted into the wall it creates more floor space for your storage solutions.

7-Double Duty Furniture

Another tip that we learn from Bayview tiny house designed by Andrews University of Architecture. Their idea to use double duty furniture is really cool. The furniture used in the tiny house function double for instance furniture used in kitchen also used as workspace and to store things underneath and behind each seat.

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