Floating Shelves

DIY to make Modern Floating Shelves

Light-weight floating shelves look stylish and leave a good impression as they are flowing in the air and not holding heavy things.

You required:

1-    1×3 wood

2-    One Small sheet of underlayment

3-    Hex bolts and washers 4 per shelf

4-    2-inch wood screw 4 per shelf

5-    1×2 wood

6-    Stain 3-inch drywall screws

7-    Finishing nails

Start cutting wood and make 43 inch long pieces of wood (1×3).  Make 10 pieces of 8-inch length from wood 1×3.  Make 8-inch long pieces of 1×2 wood.


Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

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