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Wall Decor Ideas To Revamp Your Living Space

A home is more than just four walls, but these are definitely a significant element of living space. Walls are like blank canvases that offer endless possibilities to deck up your home. Just a little creative investment can turn the stark walls of your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen into stylish centerpieces.

You can think of original ideas or emulate some from popular décor magazines. There is much you can do to ramp them up. But everything boils down to your creativity and budget. Try these wall décor ideas to give a fresh, new look and feel to your living space.

Follow personal style sense

Every homeowner has a personal sense of style, and it should replicate in your home decor. Are you an art collector who wants unique pieces around? Does nature entice you or do you love books? The choice of wall decor elements depends on your taste and interest. Once you follow them, unique ideas will come flowing.

You can simply customize the home walls to ensure you are surrounded by the elements you love. At this point, it is also advisable to estimate your budget. The idea is to choose a décor idea that is a perfect fit for your taste and budget.

Create an accent wall

Even before you imagine the elements for the walls, you can start with the canvas itself. An accent wall in every room is the best place to start. Try out a bold and bright paint color that stands apart from the hues of the room.

You can even transform the ceiling while you work on the accent idea. There are many options to try- you can choose a decorative paint technique, stenciling, or bring in a pattern with wallpaper. Opt for room-specific accents and ensure they blend well with the look of the space.

Hang up mirrors

If you want to deck the walls of a small area, hanging up mirrors is a great idea. They make small spaces appear bigger and brighter without a lot of work and expense. Mirrors reflect light and add glamor to the simplest-looking spaces. You have options with mirror décor too. Try fixing a single oversized mirror on one wall or display smaller mirrors to create interest.

Opt for a painting

The classic wall art idea that will always be around is to hang up paintings. You can pick large ones or settle for smaller paintings. Try a vibrant abstract piece of art to add visual value to your living room. Conversely, you can have a black-and-white painting to match minimalist decor.

Explore landscape paintings for sale online to bring classy wall décor within your budget. Pick pieces of art that replicate your vision and combine them with the other elements seamlessly.

Create a photo gallery

It is a good idea to create a photo gallery on the wall to add personality and color. Pick your favorite family photos, frame them, and hang them on the wall. You can even add them in chronological order, starting from your graduation, wedding, births in the family, the growing years of kids, and other special occasions.

You can also choose to showcase travel chronicles or display your achievements. Extend the gallery to the ceiling, and you have an illusion of a larger space.

Mount a television

If you want to save space and add functionality to your walls, use them to mount your television. A flat-screen TV makes a functional décor element and frees up the area on top of your media cabinet.

It can update the look of your bedroom that has an adjustable bed or living room too. Additionally, you have a complete entertainment space on the wall with a full-sized TV occupying it. You can even put the television in ambient mode to display the images of choice.

Install shelving

Floating shelves are an excellent décor option as they offer a perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality for your space. You can use them for different purposes rather than just displaying odds and ends. Have a complete library for your living room with bookshelves on the wall.

You can place small sculptures or mementos from your vacations on these shelves. It is even possible to experiment with shapes and sizes of shelves to create an interesting look.

Create a garden on the wall

When it comes to shelving, you can even use it to create a vertical garden on the wall. It is an excellent idea for nature enthusiasts who want an indoor garden but run short of floor space.

Ensure that the shelves are sturdy enough to support small containers with your favorite plants. Small herbs are the best option for vertical indoor gardens because they fit into small containers and do not grow much in size. But you still have an alluring green space right inside your living space.

Hang a rug

Who says rugs are just for floors! You can even use one to revamp your wall décor. Abstract designs make a good option because they have an eye-catching appeal. If you want to display it above a fireplace, a two-by-three-foot will stand out without cramping the space. Bigger pieces work for covering larger areas. Choose a color and design that matches the room’s décor and you are all set to create a regal-looking place.

Display hanging lights

You can also light up a wall with hanging lights to create an ethereal look for the room. Try hanging them around a painting or picture gallery to add more interest to these elements. Combine with a sconce that acts as a centerpiece of the lighting arrangement.

They make a unique blend of form and function and bring an enchanting soft-focus feel. Don’t worry too much about energy bills because you can pick LED lights to reduce them to the minimum.

These wall décor ideas have a timeless appeal, which makes them a worthy investment for any homeowner. You can pick one that matches your taste and budget, and you are all set with the most beautiful walls in your living space.

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