DIY Colourful Keyboard

DIY Washi Tape Decor

Make some innovation in the house using DIY washi tape decor ideas. Washi tape is Japanese product and first you could buy it only in Japan but now it expended all over the world and can be found everywhere. They are really very popular and it’s easy to make a change in your department because they are simple to use. Get as many different  tape colour designs and start your project of making items and ornaments more pretty and adorable. Create wall tape decoration and you will achieve the same effect like you had wallpaper, but this will be inexpensive and will save you a lot of money. Stick the washi tape on the computer keyboard to look more interesting and fun. You can also do the same thing to office desk or make the washi tape pallet chair. If you need a calendar, use the tape to make it on wall so you may organize every day and never forget your obligations. Lightning switch can be decorated with desire tape pattern and also the lamps, frames, shelves and clocks.

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