DIY wood floating shelves

Floating pallet shelves:

Bonjour! I am here again with another nice blog. This blog is related to pallet floating shelves which will make your living room look more sophisticated. Moreover their beauty is very decent and acculturated. Read the blog till the end in order to come across some good pallet shelf ideas. They are only pieces of pallet but they are used for decoration purposes too.

You can showcase your auxiliaries and adornments using the floating shelves. You can incise the pallets in any shape which will make the shelves look more beautiful.

Making the shelves:

All you have to do is clean the pallets. Remove rough pieces of wood from it and then cut them according to the size of shelf you want. Nail the wood pieces on the wall and decorate it as you fancy.

This shelf looks nice because the color combination of the wall and the wood. It looks so much enticing.


This multi-layered shelf is fit for the living room. It makes the room look more elegant.


The white pallet shelf seems very chic and smart and it is worth-making.


Another mantelpiece with good d├ęcor.


The pallet projections on both sides of the television makes the core of your home seem nice.


A cluster of shelves for those who love ornamentation.




Hope you enjoyed reading it .Stay tuned in for next blog.

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