Simple DIY projects

DIY Wooden Table Makeover

If you are looking to find some Easy DIY furniture ideas, then here you are at place. Today we’ll share with you a DIY wooden table tutorial with you as we have completed this easy DIY project on last weekend. We have extracted a table with wheel from old and ugly wooden pallets. The project is simple and easy to do and involves very short material to do. If you find wooden pallets anywhere this will minimize your cost of making a pallet table out of pallets. However you can purchase wooden pallets from industrial scrap at very low cost. The pallets, you will get through any source may look ugly how you can give it a rustic look. First of all start the sanding process to give the pallets a good look through instruments and can apply color to make a nice frame for wooden pallet table. To make it more easier and portable you can attach the wheels with wooden frame of table. An other great idea is that you can modify the frame to create storage space.

DIY wooden table project

how to make a wooden table

Do it yourself wooden table

Easy DIY wooden table project

DIY Wooden table tutorial

Simple DIY projects

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