DIY tree swing

DIY Wooden Tree Swing

This post is specially dedicated to kids as we’ll discuss how to make a wooden tree swing. Children are very funny and always want to do fun either they are at home or outdoor. If you have little kids and want that your kids to have a fun at home then you should arrange a tree swing for lovely kids.

build your own wood swing

When I was in childhood I often use to play with tree swing when I returned back to home from school or free after finishing my homework. Since that day I like DIY wooden tree swing project because its very simple and easy.

building your pallet swing

This beautiful handmade tree swing has been made from cypress wood responsibly sourced from south-eastern region of United States. The rope attached with this tree swing has been been made from synthetic fiber and its durable for many years because of its fiber quality. In order to give a rustic and smooth look to handmade wooden tree swing, tung oil has been used as per the suggested quantity. Below are some picture of this DIY Tree swing project.

how to make a tree swing

After reading this post if you are ready to build your own wooden tree swing then please decide to do this at weekend as your kids will also enjoy this DIY swing project.

DIY swing out of wood

handmade wooden swing for kids

DIY tree swing

diy wooden swing ideas

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