DIY Lamp Map Art

DIY: World Map Home Decor

People who love geography and who would like to spend life traveling will adore this interesting project. Homemade world maps decoration is best opportunity to create something that will always remind you on your passion for traveling. Every corner in your home can be decorated with maps so you can often remember beautiful moments you spent on your trips.

This is very easy project, it’s inexpensive and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on these creative ideas. First you need to prepare ornaments and items in your home that you want to decorate and renew like some old lamps, jewelry boxes, wall paintings, flowerpots or any other item in house that you got bored and that needs to be changed into something more modern and beautiful. Then you prepare world map paper, scissors, glue and you are ready to start with making a new house ornaments.

To make world map wall pictures, find some old frames, cut the wanted size of map and stick it with glue on wood frame. You may cover all frame with map or you can cut some lovely shapes like hearts with some cities you like the most. Create unique and incredible map cabinet with drawers and all friends will envy you on such inspirational capability.

Make DIY map lamps for your bedroom or living room or very easy homemade map bottles and decorative letters. For those who would like to renew their wardrobe with map paper, can use their boring shoes and purses to create a new modern fashionable map clothes and accessories.

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