DIY cool pallet recycling project

Do It Yourself – Dog Pallet Bed Frame

While discussing about necessary facilities to be provided to a pet animal especially dog, we can’t ignore a comfortable bed for pet. Only on bed your pet dog can take rest and sleep when it’s in relax mode. So there is need to provide a bed to your pet dog. Because it’s necessary for your pet health. Here I’m again with a wonderful pallet project for your pet dog. I met my friend Mr. Kate on last weekend to learn some DIY pallet recycling skills. Once I wonder to see a beauteous handmade wooden dog bed lying in his dog rest room. My friend told me that he has built his own pallet dog bed frame at home. Material required includes wooden pallets, steel carriage bolts. Surely these all things are easily available in your home or can be purchased from the market.

Firstly wood was sanded to make its surface smooth and beauteous. Then wooden pieces were assembled vertically and horizontally using steel bolts. Steel were also fixed with pallet bed as per pallet dog bed designs. Adding some cushions will make it comfortable however there is no need to apply color to this dog wooden bed frame as it has a wonderful look by default. Now it’s a nice handmade pallet dog bed frame for your lovely pet. Add some cushions to make it comfortable so that your pet dog can take rest and have a healthy sleep.

DIY cool pallet recycling project

DIY rupcycled pallet dog bed frame

Pallet dog bed out of raised pallet

recycling pallets into rustic dog bed


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