Do It Yourself Privacy Planter Ideas

Plants have a healthy effect on our surroundings as they give a coolness to the eyes in summer and absorb heat.

  1. In a way they can also help in creating a private corner to a certain setting like the backyard or the open driveway, so that everything becomes green and hidden directly from the onlookers.

There are many ways in which the plants can be settled to create a private space which gives a well decorated look. Following are some of the ways in which the planters can give privacy and add beauty to the outside space available.

1. Make Use of Large Planters

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The use of large planters makes it easy for the space to get covered. It makes the space look chic and provides privacy to the porch area or the backyard area, where it was needed. The planters can be used to grow flowering plants that grow up to cover a considerable amount of area. They are also cost-effective and not very heavy on the wallet.

2. Make Use of Hanging Boxes


It is one of the tried and tested ideas to hang boxes and put medium-sized planters in them. The boxes can be arranged in a way that makes it look decorative and gives a sophisticated look. They can be painted to match the walls of the backyard or front yard. It becomes easier to give privacy to the space from the neighbours or the people passing by.

3. Use a Retractable Screen with a few Plants


A retractable screen makes it easy to place small plants around it and keep a private, out of direct sight spot. The spot can be used to relax among the flowering plants that create a serene environment coupled with privacy. The screen is a means of giving a chic look that makes the area look well managed and colourful because of the presence of small plants. The idea works well around spaces that can be easily divided with the screen to partition a certain private area for relaxation.

4. Use a few Planter Stands


The planter stands are an effective way to improve the look of the back yard or front yard. The planters not provide a decorative touch placed on the stands but also take less space. The objective of a privacy is also fulfilled because many bushy plants can be placed in the stands to keep out of the sight of onlookers.


In the end, it can be said that the do-it-yourself planter ideas to keep privacy can be carried out easily. It takes a few ideas that work magic to create a private space as well as give a sophisticated touch to the space. The same can be used as a relaxation spot or anyone can enjoy some alone time by themselves or in the company of a friend. No one can interfere or barge in that private space as it is away from the eyes of the people passing by. The addition of planters to make a private space adds a charm to the backyard ir front yard that exudes elegance like no other.

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