Easy DIY Cup Cozy

Easy DIY Coffee cup Cozy

Really you like hot drinks but don’t want to burn your fingers.  We have a great idea for you.  Let’s make cup cozy of an old tee.  There is no need of any knitting skills.  Supplies include old t-shirt, fabric glue, tiny elastic, painter’s tape and scissors.  First of all cut the t-shirt width-wise.  Please make sure to cut off the ends of the t-shirt strips as well.  Take 4 strips of each color and tape their tops and down for easy twisting.  If your cup is bulky then use only 2 t-shirt strips of each color.  Make sure that you have measured correctly to know how long you strips should be.  For detail DIY Cup cozy read rest of the tutorial below.

Easy DIY Coffee Cup CozyEasy DIY Cup CozyEasy DIY Coffee Cup CozyDIY Coffee Cup Cozy Ideas

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