3 Fun and Easy DIY Crafts For Your Kids

If your kid is playing a video game on mobile or if he is watching his favorite cartoons on the TV all day long, then it won’t be good for the eyesight and mental growth. If you want your kid to be more creative and mentally strong then you should teach easy DIY crafts to your kids as that will be a fun exercise for them and it will make your kids sharp and creative.

In this article, you will learn 3 easy DIY crafts for Kids, so here we go:

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands

Harry Potter Wizard Wands DIY Crafts

Harry Potter is a favorite magical series of all kids so why not ask your kids to craft a Harry Potter Wizard Wand? Believe me, they would love this creative activity and they will definitely enjoy this DIY Kids project more than playing their favorite video game.

For this you need:

  • Old Bamboo Chopsticks
  • Glue Stick and Hot Gun
  • Knife
  • Paint
  • Paper or thin cord

With the above-mentioned accessories, you would also require some optional things like glitter paint and wooden beads.

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands


To craft Harry Potter wizard wands, you need to take your knife and use it to sharp the bamboo chopstick. Then you can use a hot gun to put the glue stick on the stick and attach your paper or thin cord on the stick. A cover 3rd portion of the stick with cord or paper.

Paint the cord or paper with the favorite colors of your kids and you can use glitter paint and wooden beads to make it more beautiful.

Recycled Tin Can Windsocks

recycled tin can windsocks kids crafts

This is another great and fun DIY craft activity for your kids. Kids love to play with the paint and paint brush so this DIY project is especially for the kids aging from 3 to 10 years of age.

For this, you need to arrange some empty tin cans. At every home, these empty cans can be easily found. It could be the empty cans of drinks or empty cans of paint. Just make it sure that when you cut the tin to remove its top and bottom, use a knife to make the edges smooth and also use tape to avoid any sharp edges.

Tin Can Windsock Supplies

Now, just provide a paint brush with different paint colors to your kids and they will paint the empty tin cans with their favorite colors. Once they paint the cans, give some time to get the paint dry.

Now use different ribbons of different colors and stick them with the empty tin cans using glue. That’s it, creative DIY craft for kids is ready using the tin can.

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Button Art Kids Craft


Do your kids love sketching? If they love sketching then you can encourage them to make different sketches on the paper and then use button art to make this creative craft.

Ask your kid to make a sketch of a bare tree on a blank canvas. Then you have to collect the buttons of different sizes and different colors. Make it sure that buttons are not too big. They should be small or medium sized buttons. Big buttons would not look good on this canvas.

Kids Crafts DIY Easy

Kids Crafting Button Art

Once the bare tree on the canvas is ready, now use a small stick of glue to attach the buttons on the branches of the tree. This will help your kids to improve their painting and sketching skills and it will also help them to learn creative DIY crafts.

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