DIY scarf and accessory hanger

Easy DIY Scarf and Accessory Hanger

If you have lot of scarves and want to organize them, then we have a DIY great idea for you!  To make an accessory hanger, you need 10 shower curtains hooks, acrylic paint, 1 pants hanger, a sponge brush, painter’s tape, E-600 glue, super glue and wax paper.  In first step paint the hanger.  You have option of original color, if you wish.  For this tear off a wax sheet paper (larger than hanger) and place it underneath, as to not get paint on your surface.  Tape off the hook part, just in case you splash paint it by accident.  Using the sponge brush, paint the wooden part on the top and sides.  To complete the DIY project, read the tutorial below.

DIY scarf and accessory hanger

Easy DIY accessory hanger

Easy DIY scarf accessory hanger

DIY Scarf hanger

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