wonderful Felted Easter Eggs

Easy Felt Easter Egg Patterns

Do you want original Easter Decorations, then we have a cool DIY idea of felt eggs. It’s easy and cool Easter Décor idea. Supplies include wool roving, 1 bowl warm soapy water, 1bowl lukewarm water, scissors, cotton embroidery thread and needle 3”long. Cut out a small strip of wool and roll into a loose in your hand. Put the ball in bowl of warm soapy water and submerge it completely. Begin gently sloping ball in palms. After it cool, again dip it into warm water and continue rolling. Repeat this practice but every next turn, increase the pressure between dips, until ball is tight and small. Put the ball in lukewarm non-soapy water and let to dry for few moments. For more about this cool DIY project of Easter Decoration, read the tutorial below.

Felt Easter Eggs Pattern

wonderful Felted Easter Eggs

How to Make Felted Eggs

cool How to Make Felted Eggswonderful Easter Felted Eggs

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